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“YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! Most UFO reporting websites allow you to submit your sighting report in one language. But you humans speak over one hundred languages. You probably don’t know how many UFO sightings are reported worldwide each year, and that’s a problem. Can someone build a website that would allow almost any human, worldwide, to report their UFO sighting, in almost any language?”

Now that website exists. This site is multilingual and translates to over 100 languages. You’ll find the language menu at the top right corner of each page. Reporting your UFO sighting has never been easier! You can also submit UFO pics, videos, or hit that toll-free hotline and leave a voicemail message about your UFO sighting. Explore the website by using the navigation menu at the top of each page, or click any of the buttons below to get started.

Image Credit: iStockphoto


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  • Said author Chris O’Brien regarding the subject of cattle mutilations: “It’s the greatest unsolved crime spree in history.” (Fox News) Aug 11, 2022

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  • Alien hunters want to use a magnet to dredge the ocean floor in hopes of recovering wreckage from a UFO. According to Astrophysicist Amir Siraj: “If we were able to recover any fragments it would be the first time that humanity has ever touched material from ‘beyond our solar system’.” (MSN) Aug 8, 2022

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