was launched in August of 2022.

Here’s why:

1. Provide a quick and easy way to report a UFO sighting in almost any language.

2. Provide a quick and easy way to submit pics and videos of UFOs.

3. Provide a public archive of the data received.

Every month, a new batch of UFO sighting reports, UFO pics, and UFO Videos will be added to the archive. Names and email addresses are required to submit a report, but will not be published without the submitter’s permission.

The site is privately owned, and is not affiliated with any government agency.

Black and white image of a disc shaped UFO with a cupola on top is shown hovering in the foreground set against a cloudy sky in the background.

Image credit: iStockphoto

What People and Aliens are Saying About

“How much do web servers cost? F*ck!!!”

Eric Hemstreet,

“We are pleased.”


“Took you long enough.”


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