Is it our world, or their world?

When it comes to UFO’s and Aliens, one of the many unanswered questions is: Why are they here in the first place? There are so many possible answers. I have a poll up on the homepage right now that asks this question and lists a few, but not all, of the possible reasons why they’re here. And don’t get it twisted, they are here. Make sure you participate in the poll btw.

Program Hibridisasi: Mungkin dheweke wis tekan pamblokiran dalan genetik sing ora bisa diatasi tanpa infus materi genetik anyar. Utawa bisa uga nggunakake hibridisasi minangka cara kanggo alon-alon, nanging mesthi, ngontrol planet lan populasi.

Ilmu lan Eksplorasi: Maybe they’re exploring our part of the galaxy and cataloging what they find.

Wisata Asing: Don’t sleep on this one. It may seem ridiculous at first, but if you let it bang around in your head for a minute, it actually starts to make sense. Don’t we travel long distances to check out exotic places, and the exotic flora and fauna that inhabit it? Yes we do.

Isin kita babagan nuklir lan lingkungan: Kacarita, loro alasan sing paling kerep dikutip dening Aliens nalika wagging driji ing kita yaiku: nuklir, lan lingkungan. Ketoke, dheweke ora ngupayakake penanganan kolektif siji-sijine.

Munggah vibes lan intro kita menyang pepadhamu galaksis: Yen bener, iku bakal dadi alesan menarik banget kanggo Aliens kanggo kene. Preduli saka carane wong bisa aran bab iki minangka individu, bakal kabeh populasi kita siyap, gelem, lan bisa, kanggo munggah vibes kita lan ketemu tanggi galaksi kita? Mesthine, bakal ana persentase populasi sing bakal apatis marang konsep kasebut, lan liya-liyane sing bakal nentang kabeh. Piyé carané ngrukunké masalah iki kanthi cara ngajèni hak-hak individu?

Recon sadurunge invasi: Just because Aliens apparently have the ability to: travel vast distances, move through walls, use telepathy, “turn off” other people in a room while abducting the person whom they are targeting, build spaceships that defy physics, block our memories, plant false memories, all while being downright stealthy, doesn’t mean that they’re cool critters. In fact it may indicate just the opposite. Hopefully they are cool critters. However, with the relatively limited interaction that humans and Aliens have had, I’d say the jury is still out on the issue of their ultimate reason for being here. Not to mention the possibility of many different species of Aliens being here, each with their own motives. What if it turns out to be a savage universe? A universe where the only way to survive, let alone thrive, is to: invade, conquer, rinse, reload, and repeat? I remain cautiously optimistic about Aliens, and the universe in general. But I am no fool, and will use the time tested “trust but verify” system with humans, aliens, the universe, and everything else.

Padha kita, nanging saka mangsa: A kamungkinan mesthi. Uga cocog karo teori Hibridisasi utawa Wisata Alien.

Bumi minangka planet asale: This one is starting to grow on me, big time. Why? Because it fits with so much of the existing data that has been gathered over the years. For instance: The apparent frequency of UFO sightings, and abductions, indicates that their presence here on Earth would be of a permanent nature, rather than a transient one. Another reason: They keep dipping in and out of the water. Why? Maybe the ocean floor is the most secure place for them to live. Plus, approximately 60% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, so there’s plenty of ocean floor available to them.

Dheweke nggawe kita: Aliens may have been here a long time. Maybe they’ve always been here. It’s possible, even probable, that they’ve not only been here longer than us, but that they actually created us. In that case, would it be our world, or their jagad iki?

Good question huh?

Eric Hemstreet • August 25, 2022

Entuk konten anyar sing dikirim langsung menyang kothak mlebu.