Video credit: iStockphoto | Edits: ClickUFO

U.S. Navy Claims UFO ‘Threat’ To National Security.

FirstPost.com – September 14, 2022

John Lennon claimed he was visited by an Alien, reveals close friend Uri Geller.

CNN-News18 on MSN.com • September 4, 2022

The search for extraterrestrial life, UFOs, and our future.

Forbes.com • September 4, 2022

The Pentagon should release dozens of UFO videos.

The Hill • August 31, 2022

Ross Coulthart interviews Gary Nolan. He’s had a UFO sighting, and thinks the Wilson-Davis memo is legit.

RichardDolanMembers.com • August 25, 2022

Congress Moves To Expand UFO Definition For Pentagon-Led Investigation

Washington Examiner • August 23, 2022

NASA ‘going full force’ to gear up for UFO study

Space.com • August 19, 2022

Have A Look At What Might Be The Best UFO Pic Ever

Daily Mail • August 12, 2022

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